The start of an adventure



In November 2015 Lotte and I was in Las Palmas to see the start of ARC that year. The very first


morning of our stay, we met Kirsten and Ole from Roskilde, who are old friends from the many


years we sailed Folkboat.


Kirsten and Ole were also going to watch the start, so we went together to the marina and had a talk


with some of the Danish and Swedish crews. On the starting day we were spectators from the


breakwater when the boats left the harbor, and as we were all a little envious at the starting crews,


the idea grew - to go for it. So it was not a dream for years, but a sudden idea.


Back in Denmark we started looking for a suitable boat, and in Marina Kröslin in Germany we


found a Dufour 455 Grand Large from 2011 – dirty, but in fine conditions, and when we had


negotiated the right price, it became our AMANDA.


We took it over 2. of may 2016, but already end of March we went down there with Verner to fit


the new name:

And here AMANDA on arrival in Kerteminde: