Well - one thing is to buy a boat, but it can never be equipped exactly to your expectations, and though we found AMANDA very suitable, it was obvious that several changes and extras had to be made.





Already at first sight, I found the cockpit table hopeless, so on the very first week in Kerteminde, I made a new table and fitted it.







Then on the arrival in Kerteminde friends had given us very fine (Australian) plastic glasses - six of each for champagne, wine and whisky (water). All with six different colours in the bottom - great, but where to place them. So, the next project became to make special shelves for them. There were some space beside the mast support, so special shelves were made for these glasses. Underneath I later made shelves for six different coloured bottles too.



We had towels made in seven colours embroidered AMANDA as well as beddings in seven colours.




An autopilot of max size had to be fitted, spinnaker pole with track on the mast, AIS, satellite communication - where our choice was Iridium-go, so that we have optimal Wi-Fi onboard.










For the cockpit we needed a bimini for sun protection, and to generate enough electric we bought an hydro-generator, which can by 8 knots generate 600 watt, as well as three solar panels to be fitted on top of the bimini and generating each 100 watt. As this should give us sufficient power, we also had a freezer installed in the already existing 100 l. room.





French boat-toilets seems made for very small people or children - not for grown up Vikings, so both toilets were changed to a size suitable for Scandinavian adults.








With the boat we got two suits of sails and an gennaker of 130 m2. Further we had an orange stormy jib made - I do not know why, as we shall never get use of it. Further we bought a spinnaker of 130 m2 - found it too small and investigated in one more of 160 m2.


On the mast we fitted one more spinnaker halyard, and covered the spreaders with foam and tape to protect the mainsail from damages during the many days downwind sailing. On the transom fittings for a special made set of davits were fitted, so that we can over there take our new 6-pers. inflatable up in nights.





On deck bands were fitted for the lifelines, fittings fitted to secure the inflatable etc.


We only read about problems with water makers, so we will live without one and spare water. Consequently, we do not need the shower cabin, and it was changed to cover our foul weather gear and diving equipment. The wardrobe for foul weather gear was then fitted with three drawers for tools and spare parts - hopefully with everything needed to make any repair on our trip.





The start of our trip is planned to be August 12th at 10 oclock from Kerteminde - and we are some looking very much forward to that day!